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What do I do Now !! November 26, 2012

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I feel lost now – is our Social Media class over ? Do I have a reason to check on all of my accounts ?

What will all my classmates be doing – will we stay in touch … I hope so : you are a very cool bunch.

I would like to thank Bonita & Bob for being tremendous teachers , I am grateful for all I have learned from the both of you and this course. I am going to keep on the path of learning more on this topic and getting better on the computer. I think later this week I will do a post about online learning – it takes up a lot of your time , but I am a huge fan of it. The best part being that I felt so very connected to the class.

A huge online hug to all ADL 310 and Happy Monday !

I look forward to staying in touch with all of you.


New Link to Video

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I think this might work …


<p><a href=”; target=”_blank” style=”font-size: 14px;font-weight:bold;”>ADL 310 Video – Five Simple Steps to Customer Service</a><br />by: <a href=”; style=”” target=”_blank”>sandimcneill</a></p><p>A quick segment with two characters talking on how to solve customer service issues.</p>






name=”xtranormal_ADL 310 Video – Five Simple Steps to Customer Service” style=”width:640px;height:389px;” src=”; marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ border=”0″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”auto”></iframe><p>A quick segment with two characters talking on how to solve customer service issues.</p>


Video Assignment ADL 310 – Five Simple Steps To Customer Service.

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I am so sorry everyone – but I am having one heck of a time pasting , posting , uploading and trying to figure out how to POST this video. It was really easy posting it to Twitter and Facebook. I have been trying to post it to YouTube – but it keeps cancelling out. Podomatic won’t touch it with a ten foot pole – so I placed it in my pasteboard section ; but I still think it is not a direct link.

WordPress has been ” fetching ” the video all day – no luck. Sooo… above is the link to my video and I have much to learn on all this ” linking ” , shall we say !

I have to be honest , using Xtranormal was not my first idea for the video. Earlier on in the week I was looking at all the videos that had been posted and commenting on them – it was a lot of fun !

We are a very smart and witty class – when I came across Deana’s video using Xtranormal , I just had to go and see what it was all about. When I got to the site I was so relieved – it was made especially for me – It was super simple !! So I hatched a new game plan , which of course put me behind schedule again.

The common theme through out this course has been ” I didn’t know you could do that ” , and then my mind starts to race with all the most spectacular ideas I could ever think of.

When I started to create my video , the purpose was to keep up with the idea of Customer Service , because those were the videos I picked for ” Find and evaluate at least 3 social videos”, assignment. I wanted to make it funny , then I thought : why woudn’t I just make it a casual conversation for enjoyment and content. It was too much fun playing with the voices and movements – yet it still needed to have value , something worth sharing. A quick segment on simple customer service hints / aids was born.

I decided to add the bell sound after every step to enhance the memory of the step. Similar to muscle memory for athletes. When you learn a new skill / concept in an environment that is comfortable and the repetitions are accurate – you will remember / utilize them in high pressured moments better. It was key for this video because that was exactly what Emma & Jane were discussing.

The possibilities and usages to this site and social media videos are endless. Using the animated characters also puts people at ease ; more like an ice breaker. I could definitely use my video as a training tool for work , then expand on it in further detail with staff members. I would love to do an entire series on Customer Service Protocol – hmmm  okay I need to learn more about the linking thing first ! 

Well, I am off to view more of my classmates videos – I do hope you enjoyed Emma & Jane !



WE ARE CLEARED FOR TAKE OFF – LETS ROLL / Three Social Videos November 21, 2012

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Give em the Pickle by Bob Farrell – Customer Service Training Video

WOW – I now understand why & how you can spend sooo much time on the computer !!

YouTube is amazing and not just for finding music. I felt like a squirrel that had come upon a gigantic forest with trees for miles, overflowing with all my favorite foods – where to start !

Jumping all over the place – I spent an hour on tutorials , another hour on Customer Service Videos , then I hopped over to ” lets all feel good about ourselves ” tree and before you you know it – that was four hours on the computer.

The first video I picked was related to my work and I liked it alot. Bob Farrell does a great, quick video on how to treat customers. He is humorous , the video is catchy , but most of all he is sincere. The pickle phrase is easy to remember and associate the newly learned skill.

I thought it was a very effective video for the time frame and content.


Zig Ziglar – Attitude Makes All The Difference

The second video is more along the lines of self – improvement. We can all utilize these skills at work and in our personal lives. Mr. Ziglar is a good speaker and this video is well worth watching – he is a little preachy – but in a paternal way. This video is a little longer than the first one , but just as effective for training on this topic.

The Power of Teamwork: Inspired by the Blue Angels

This video was my favorite – it captured my attention from the moment go ! For my video assignment I would like to do one like this. If you were facilitating a course on teamwork , this would be a fantastic one to start with. It is quick , captivating and draws you to immediate thinking of teamwork. I enjoyed the background audio of the pilots saying ” we are cleared for take off “. This video is very effective for teamwork training – because if they don’t work together ; the consequences are dire. It delivers an essential point immediately through the video.

Andragogy (Adult Learning)

I have added another video to my post on Adult Learning. My next course is on this subject and I found this particular one to be a really good start. It is an introduction to the terms , history and concepts related to this field. It is a simple video – and I found it highly effective for a person searching for information on this subject.

I have to admit I am a little scared of doing a video for the next assignment – so many idea and topics and ways of producing it.

Congratulations to all my classmates in ADL 310 who have already completed their videos – they are really good ! The Christmas season is very busy in the Hospitality Industry and watching / reading your work brings me much joy!

Happy Wednesday,



Essential Post / Podcasting ADL 310 November 20, 2012

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Good Morning Classmates and fellow blog followers,

I am sorry to report I am behind the eight ball again on my studies ! I must keep up my positive attitude and keep singing – ” keep on blogging , keep on blogging ” !

The above link is one of my essential podcasts to subcribe to. The first one I picked was related to my work and I found it to be very good. It is 45 mins long , but well worth the time.

It was engaging and the interview style kept you captivated.I will most definitely be utilizing the skills I learned .I found this podcast effective for my blog due to the fact that I am a working Mom : and everyone can learn from Customer Service Principles and apply them to all aspects of their lives.

The second link above is a directory I found and I thought it was simply brilliant. It is a easy to use site and is very organized. It is effective for my blog because it is a great place to start to search for anything related to podcasts. I have to admit I love CBC podcasts and all of my favorite shows – but I didn’t want to use them as examples for this assignment because to me they are entertaining. As a Mom , listening to CBC keeps me current and on top of the news – while be able to hear other peoples perspectives as well. Last week I spent several hours in the archives of old CBC podcasts and learned another valuable lesson – STAY FOCUSED ON TASK AT HAND. If I had used my time wisely I would not be behind that little black ball ! 

I have also added another link below :

Here is a series of kids books being read by a librarians – something I did for my podcasts.

Happy Tuesday ,



Reflections & Thoughts on Podcasting November 13, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — sandimcneill @ 3:12 am   Canadian History ” Shorts & Quotes”

Sir John A. Macdonald

Well here we are , my second podcast for my Social Media course ADL 310. I have got to be super honest  – I like podcasting !

I started off thinking about how many topics I could discuss and expand on in a podcast. The possibilities were endless and I started to over think. My first podcast came about because I was thinking of Remembrance Day and how fitting it would be if everyone picked out a hero for the day. I tweeted my hero , then I thought why don’t I just read a little bit from one of my favorite books that so happens to star my hero.

I was cool , calm and collective until I coudn’t get the speaker to work or the recording web-page to download.

A trip to the store and a new boom microphone / headset did the trick. Getting back to my coolness , I was thinking is this the right thing ? I started to read from the novel and wow it was very easy , it felt good and I didn’t even play it back to hear it. If Social Media is about sharing information , I was very pleased with what I shared . I found podcasting relaxing compared to describing myself on LinkedIn – which was full of agony.

My creative juices started to mix and all I could think about was all the great stories , speeches , poems, for all ages I could share with people and then discuss on my blog. I think podcasting would be an incredible tool to use to promote and market any business.

I love Canadian history and I believe that we do not teach enough of it in our classrooms – or dive as deep as we should into it. Podcasting is an excellent medium to share that love with other like-minded people – or whomever would like to learn more on the subject. Not only am I sharing it, but getting it out there too – which I think is one of the big lessons in this course.

One of the essential posts required for this module is :

 Post your thoughts on how podcasting could be used effectively in your work context.

If I were to have my own business, I would use podcasting to describe all staffing procedures and protocol. You could easily listen to them in your car than carrying around a large document – it is an idea. The point being you could record alot of material and in very different ways.

I enjoyed podcasting so much that I am going to continue to record classic children’s stories and keep up my history series. I will leave you with one of my ” Stories on the Go “.  Cat in the Hat Comes Back







First Podcast Assignment – Reading from ” Three Day Road ” by Joseph Boyden November 12, 2012

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